The association is between the government and the manufacturers, playing a bridge function with "service and communication". It mainly actively promotes the improvement of the domestic investment environment, promotes the government's financial policies, promotes investment intentions, and works with relevant units to plan the compilation and promotion of industrial zone land, assist industrial establishments to obtain land, apply for relevant registration procedures, and even provide markets Information. And often visit manufacturers to ask for opinions and mediate problems, which is the local "investment service center".

The public works work items are as follows:

  • Promote government economic policies and strengthen urban marketing.
  • Link industry, government, and academic resources to help promote the improvement of the domestic investment environment.
  • Provide domestic investment environment information to promote investment willingness.
  • Assist investors in obtaining business land and bank financing, and answer investment-related laws and regulations.
  • Assist investors in applying for business procedures and tax donations.
  • Instigate the planning and development of industrial zones.
  • Introduction of production and management technology.
  • Promote the training of various technical managers and technicians.
  • Provide trade information and promote trade development.
  • Counsel the development of SMEs.
  • Investigate, compile and print various industrial and commercial development materials in the country.
  • Identify problems that hinder the development of industry and commerce, and reflect improvements.
  • Mediate related investment disputes.
  • Other matters promoted by the county government and its affiliated agencies.
  • Other matters related to investment services.