Central/local government announcement

【Invitation for investment in Kinmen Industrial Expo Park】

Accepting application agency: Kinmen County Government Construction Office.
(1) Rental conditions, procedures, signs, prices, uses, restrictions on use, types of industries that are allowed to be introduced, and other related matters, which are detailed in (1) Rental Manual for the Industrial Park in the Park.
The rental manual for this park: Download from the website of the Kinmen County Government Construction Office (Homepage - Industry and Tourism Expo Zone) (website: https://ead.kinmen.gov.tw/).
Application acceptance period: from 9:00 am on April 11, 2011 to 5:00 pm on June 10, 2011.
Objects to be leased: Those who meet the following qualifications are limited to the industries introduced by the industrial land in the park.
1. Members who joined the Kinmen County Industrial Association before June 30, 110.
2. Legal persons, institutions or industrial (commercial) businesses that have been established and registered in the county for more than 10 years.
3. The responsible person is over 20 years old (inclusive) to under 45 years old (inclusive), has been registered in the county for more than 10 years, and the person in charge has established tax registration in the county for less than 5 years. Young entrepreneurs, or through the prefecture Approved for young entrepreneurs.
4. Selected as a company in the county's SBIR industry innovation and R&D promotion plan, or as a new company approved by the government.
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