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    【Electronic Payment-Enjoy the Good Health】

    In order to meet the diverse payment needs of tourists from all over the country, the Kinmen County government continues to cooperate with mobile payment companies such as one-card companies and LINE Pay to jointly promote the "110-year mobile payment multi-application value-added service plan" and introduce LINE Pay to transportation and merchants in the county For payment services, from now until the end of December, consumers can enjoy up to 30% of the value rewards as long as they use LINE Pay Money at designated stores in Kinmen.
    The County Work Policy Council pointed out that the purpose of this mobile payment value-added service is to attract more light travelers to Kinmen for sightseeing and to activate the economy of outlying islands. On the one hand, it is convenient for county residents to pay and use, and on the other hand, it also pays ecology through LINE Pay. We also look forward to reducing the contact of personnel while the micro-unblocking and epidemic prevention is not relaxed, and the use of mobile payment to reduce the risk of contact, so that county residents can communicate with each other. Passengers enjoy a more secure and assured shopping journey.
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    【Pandemic Transition to Housing Economy-Lecture on New Trends in E-commerce】

    In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the lifestyles of humans around the world. The traditional habits of going to work, school, consumption, and traveling based on human mobility have been forced to change. Under the new normal living conditions brought about by the impact of the epidemic, the home economy With the rising trend, all walks of life must maintain operations through zero-touch technology, and at the same time carry out digital transformation, so that companies can continue to operate and profit under the influence of the epidemic, maintain resilience, and then embrace the digital economic business opportunities of the future society!
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    【Kinmen Digital Payment Promotion Seminar】

    In response to the 15% payment point rebate program between Golden Gate and (Line pay)
    By adding code discounts
    Accelerate the promotion of Kinmen digital tourism environment
    To invite Line pay to hold a mobile payment application briefing in Kinmen
    Interested businesses are welcome to come and understand
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    【SBTR / Cloud Generation Business Circle Digital Transformation Joint Publicity Seminar】

    In order to implement local creation, develop urban and rural characteristic industries, encourage domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to integrate local characteristic industries, introduce circular economy, digital economy and experience economy, jointly plan urban and rural innovation and transformation, cultivate local talents, attract industries to settle in and return of population, Specially organized the "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Promoting Urban and Rural Innovation and Transformation Guidance Program (SBTR) / Cloud Generation Business Circle Digital Transformation Joint Publicity Seminar", in order to create a diverse urban and rural industrial development ecosystem, so as to prosper the local economy and achieve urban and rural innovation The goal.
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    【Taiwan Kinmen Special Selection Store-Cross-border E-commerce Investment Guidance Seminar】

    In order to activate the economic development of Kinmen industry, the Kinmen County Government continues to promote cross-border e-commerce policies, assist local businesses to promote local specialty products to mainland China, and will establish the "Taiwan Kinmen Special Selection Store" in the Kinmen area on the Chinese Taobao e-commerce platform.
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    【2020 Digital We Media Marketing Management Seminar】

    Digital technology continues to evolve and progress. In the past ten years, digital platforms have continued to introduce new ones, from FACEBOOK and YOUTUBER to DECARD and personal Podcasts popular among young people. The business model of "self-media" (including self-media management, self-media marketing models, etc.) Gradually mature, creating a "personal brand" business concept has become the latest topic of discussion in business marketing.
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    【UNI AIR Holiday (Global Free Travel) Supplier Investment Promotion Seminar】

    「Long-Fan Tourism」 online/down-level media resources, linking various tourism-related industry resources, and a fast and secure tourism supply chain, allowing our brands from different industries to join forces for marketing, creating a one-stop shopping "self-planning SMART tour". Let consumers "Fun relax and go with peace of mind".
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    【2020 Kinmen County Youth Entrepreneurship Forum】

    This event invites Mr. He Peijun, the pioneer of local creation in Taiwan, to share with us his experience and efforts in the field of local creation for more than 10 years starting from Zhushan, Nantou, and we also hope that through the small town of cultural and creative in Zhushan, Nantou success , To sniff out the different development possibilities of Kinmen.
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    【Youth Entrepreneurship Loan Guarantee Resources-Briefing Session】

    In accordance with the policy of realizing dreams of youth entrepreneurship promoted by the government, simplify the operation procedures related to youth entrepreneurship loans. Therefore, the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has specially revised the "Key Points of Youth Entrepreneurship and Startup Fund Loans" in order to coordinate with policy development and jointly create an environment for youth entrepreneurship to provide simple youth and startup funds loans to help youth realize their dreams.
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    【Digital consumer feedback 15% investment promotion briefing】

    In order to promote digital mobile payment, the Association assisted the Kinmen County Tourism Specialty Association to hold a 15% investment promotion briefing on digital consumption feedback, and will also hold related briefings in various towns and townships in the future, so as to let merchants understand the convenience of mobile payment and improve the overall Jinmen Digital payment system, while increasing the coverage rate of mobile payment system in place.
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    【Analysis of necessary labor laws and regulations for enterprises-109 Employer Forum】

    In response to the COVID-19, what should be paid attention to when adjusting working conditions?
    When recruiting and cultivating talents, how to maintain labor and promote harmony between employees and employers?
    How to draw up a legal and appropriate labor contract?
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    【Innovation, local innovation and research】

    Kinmen Innovation and Local Innovation Exchange and Research Activities
    10/24, 25 (Saturday, Sunday) exchanges between large and small Jinmen creation venues
    Invite 10 Taijin youths to share the creation cases of the two places
    Welcome to make an online appointment for 10/26 one-on-one consultant consultation