Activity report

  • 國際休閒遊憩與運動產業推廣研習座談004.jpg

    【International Leisure Recreation and Sports Industry Promotion Seminar】

    Relying on the lecturers' expertise in sports and health care, through the development trend of the international leisure and sports industry, introduce new health care and restoration concepts in the sports industry, exercise and strengthen the body to reduce sports and workplace injuries, and jointly build the Kinmen Sports and Leisure Island. Encourage students Make flexible use of health care knowledge, enhance industrial competitiveness and productivity, and create Kinmen Sightseeing and Leisure Island.
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    【Kinmen Digital Mobile Payment Investment Promotion Briefing】

    In order to cooperate with the Kinmen County Government's "cashless payment plan", together with the All-in-One Card Ticket Company and Yuanta Bank, you are invited to import LINE Pay/All-in-One Card MONEY; there is no life-long contract/zero monthly rental fee, and only transaction fees are charged.
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    【Kinmen Industrial Revitalization Carnival and Joint Marketing Activities Market】

    Kinmen Industry Revitalization Carnival and Joint Marketing Activities, the County Government Construction Office is to revitalize local industries, and combined with the joint marketing activities of Kinmen Food Praise, this market will invite businesses with mobile payment to participate in the market together!
  • 旅宿業座談會有code.png

    【Looking at the post-pandemic market. Making Good Use of Digital Marketin】 Symposium

    In response to the current integration of Taiwan into the international market, a symposium was held for the hotel industry in Kinmen County [Looking into the post-epidemic market and making good use of digital marketing] to introduce digital management concepts, inject vitality into the Kinmen hotel industry, and make the digital operation trend of the hotel industry grow in Kinmen. It is hoped that in the future, through the cooperation between industry, government and academia, the hotel industry in Kinmen will be able to activate digital management and marketing skills, apply them flexibly, look at the international market after the epidemic, and make concerted efforts to promote Kinmen tourism and make Kinmen visible to the world!
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    【2022 National Kinmen University Campus Talent Expo】

    Provide a face-to-face employment matching platform for companies and students, inviting companies to set up booths at National Gammon University. Employers can use such a platform to personally recruit talents that match the company's culture; students can learn about the company when meeting with employers. and work content to have a deeper understanding, and create a campus environment where graduates can be employed immediately.
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    【Basic wage subsidy briefing session】

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs is expected to launch a basic salary subsidy program in January 2022, with the monthly basic salary adjusted from 24,000 yuan to 25,250 yuan, and hourly salary from 160 yuan to 168 yuan, for the actual impact of the epidemic. In the form of fixed subsidies, the impact of employers on basic wage increases can be mitigated. ... For uninsured workers, such as workers over 65 and permanent residents of foreigners, they can also be included in the calculation of subsidies based on their occupational accidents or labor insurance insured status.
  • 相揪來金門商圈享好康.jpg

    【Promotional activities of digital revitalization plus size activities】

    Cooperate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the promotion of digital revitalization activities in the comprehensive business district
    Invite the Small and Medium Business Division and the Commercial Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport
    Four major payment providers (Taiwan PAY, LINEPAY, Jiekou, Pi Wallet)
    Come to gold to spend digitally, give back to the digital 200 yuan event
  • 金門數位振興推廣說明會.jpg

    【Explanation Meeting for the Promotion of kinmen Digital Rejuvenation Activities】

    In order to promote the promotion of comprehensive business districts and revitalization, combined with digital promotion coupon activities, and enhance the overall digital payment for the revitalization of outlying island business districts, with mobile payment as the theme, specially invited all-in-one card companies and PCHOME companies to hold Kinmen at the Kashida Venture Gas Station A briefing session on the promotion of digital revitalization and overweight activities.
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    【Electronic Payment-Enjoy the Good Health】

    In order to meet the diverse payment needs of tourists from all over the country, the Kinmen County government continues to cooperate with mobile payment companies such as one-card companies and LINE Pay to jointly promote the "110-year mobile payment multi-application value-added service plan" and introduce LINE Pay to transportation and merchants in the county For payment services, from now until the end of December, consumers can enjoy up to 30% of the value rewards as long as they use LINE Pay Money at designated stores in Kinmen.
    The County Work Policy Council pointed out that the purpose of this mobile payment value-added service is to attract more light travelers to Kinmen for sightseeing and to activate the economy of outlying islands. On the one hand, it is convenient for county residents to pay and use, and on the other hand, it also pays ecology through LINE Pay. We also look forward to reducing the contact of personnel while the micro-unblocking and epidemic prevention is not relaxed, and the use of mobile payment to reduce the risk of contact, so that county residents can communicate with each other. Passengers enjoy a more secure and assured shopping journey.
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    【Pandemic Transition to Housing Economy-Lecture on New Trends in E-commerce】

    In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the lifestyles of humans around the world. The traditional habits of going to work, school, consumption, and traveling based on human mobility have been forced to change. Under the new normal living conditions brought about by the impact of the epidemic, the home economy With the rising trend, all walks of life must maintain operations through zero-touch technology, and at the same time carry out digital transformation, so that companies can continue to operate and profit under the influence of the epidemic, maintain resilience, and then embrace the digital economic business opportunities of the future society!
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    【Kinmen Digital Payment Promotion Seminar】

    In response to the 15% payment point rebate program between Golden Gate and (Line pay)
    By adding code discounts
    Accelerate the promotion of Kinmen digital tourism environment
    To invite Line pay to hold a mobile payment application briefing in Kinmen
    Interested businesses are welcome to come and understand
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    【SBTR / Cloud Generation Business Circle Digital Transformation Joint Publicity Seminar】

    In order to implement local creation, develop urban and rural characteristic industries, encourage domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to integrate local characteristic industries, introduce circular economy, digital economy and experience economy, jointly plan urban and rural innovation and transformation, cultivate local talents, attract industries to settle in and return of population, Specially organized the "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Promoting Urban and Rural Innovation and Transformation Guidance Program (SBTR) / Cloud Generation Business Circle Digital Transformation Joint Publicity Seminar", in order to create a diverse urban and rural industrial development ecosystem, so as to prosper the local economy and achieve urban and rural innovation The goal.