Activity report

【UNI AIR Holiday (Global Free Travel) Supplier Investment Promotion Seminar】

The bosses come soon
This investment promotion briefing will focus on the transportation industry, 
tourism-residential industry, catering industry, and special industries Convenient resource integration
"Long-Fan Tourism" online/down-level media resources, linking various tourism-related industry resources, 
and a fast and secure tourism supply chain, 
allowing our brands from different industries to join forces for marketing, 
creating a one-stop shopping "self-planning SMART tour". 
Let consumers "Fun relax and go with peace of mind".
October 27, 2020
14:00~15:30 (Admission is open at 13:45)
Cultural Bureau of Kinmen County (3rd Floor) No. 66, Section 1, North Island Road, Jincheng Town, 
Kinmen County
On-site registration will be adopted
※In accordance with the current domestic new life policy for epidemic prevention, 
participants are requested to take their body temperature (forehead guns are provided on site) 
and wear masks before entering the venue.