Activity report

【Digital consumer feedback 15% investment promotion briefing】

In order to promote digital mobile payment, the Association assisted the Kinmen County Tourism Specialty Association to hold a 15% investment promotion briefing on digital consumption feedback, and will also hold related briefings in various towns and townships in the future, so as to let merchants understand the convenience of mobile payment and improve the overall Jinmen Digital payment system, while increasing the coverage rate of mobile payment system in place.
This briefing will invite Linepay and Yuanta Bank to assist in the organization of Kinmen. Li Yizhang, chairman of the Kinmen County Tourism Specialty Association, pointed out that the Specialty Association has been established ten years ago to develop tourism in Kinmen. The establishment will bring together the responsible persons of the county's special industries. In the past, they worked diligently, but this year, due to the impact of the global epidemic, everyone is suffering and will be swallowed. This time, the consumption feedback is 15%. , Not only can the local specialty products of Kinmen be promoted, but also promote the digitalization of Kinmen local businesses.
October 13, 109 (Tuesday) 11 o'clock in the morning
2nd Floor, North Building, Taikai
On-site registration will be adopted