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【Pandemic Transition to Housing Economy-Lecture on New Trends in E-commerce】

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the lifestyles of humans around the world. The traditional habits of going to work, school, consumption, and traveling based on human mobility have been forced to change. Under the new normal living conditions brought about by the impact of the epidemic, the home economy With the rising trend, all walks of life must maintain operations through zero-touch technology, and at the same time carry out digital transformation, so that companies can continue to operate and profit under the impact of the epidemic, maintain resilience, and then embrace the digital economic business opportunities of the future society!

This event is hosted by the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Center of Kinmen County, and co-organized by the Golden Town Hall and the Kinmen Association of Economic Development Association. It is scheduled for 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon of May 3rd, 110 (Monday) on the 3rd floor of the Golden Town Hall. (Multimedia Briefing Room) Organized the "E-commerce Transition to Housing Economy in the Epidemic-Lecture on New Trends in E-commerce" and invited Mr. Fan Keqin, the host of China Broadcasting Corporation's World Wide Web "Fan Ruijie's Fantasy World", to personally analyze the epidemic caused the world’s transformation of the housing economy to e-commerce The new trend is to use the least cost to get the most benefits, break through the dilemma of young and middle-aged switching businesses and employment, and create profitable business opportunities. The epidemic has created a rising tide of business opportunities for housing economy, fermentation, and life services. The only outer island session is a rare opportunity. You are welcome to sign up. Please take hold. (Deadline for event registration: April 30, 110, Republic of China)

May 3, 110 (Mon)
Jincheng Town Office 3rd Floor (Multimedia Briefing Room)
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