Activity report

【Electronic Payment-Enjoy the Good Health】

In order to meet the diverse payment needs of tourists from all over the country, the Kinmen County government continues to cooperate with mobile payment companies such as one-card companies and LINE Pay to jointly promote the "110-year mobile payment multi-application value-added service plan" and introduce LINE Pay to transportation and merchants in the county For payment services, from now until the end of December, consumers can enjoy up to 30% of the value rewards as long as they use LINE Pay Money at designated stores in Kinmen.
    The County Work Policy Council pointed out that the purpose of this mobile payment value-added service is to attract more light travelers to Kinmen for sightseeing and to activate the economy of outlying islands. On the one hand, it is convenient for county residents to pay and use, and on the other hand, it also pays ecology through LINE Pay. We also look forward to reducing the contact of personnel while the micro-unblocking and epidemic prevention is not relaxed, and the use of mobile payment to reduce the risk of contact, so that county residents can communicate with each other. Passengers enjoy a more secure and assured shopping journey.